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Transformable Vegan Suspender Harness Belt

Transformable Vegan Suspender Harness Belt

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This harness features 1” wide belts and can be worn high on the ribs/ underbust, or low on the ribs/ waist. The belts are removable from the shoulder straps, so the harness can be worn with one or two belts and the belts can be worn/ used independent of the shoulder straps.

The harnesses are hand made and made to order.

****Please include your exact measurements in order details***** ****Primarily bust, Under-bust, and waist measurements*****

They are made from durable synthetic leather textured coated webbing that is made in the USA. This synthetic leather is extremely durable and strong. It can be sanitized with soap and water.

Hardware is nickel plated.

Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for product to be made and shipped.
If you are looking for a different color please message me. Custom colors may add more time get made.

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