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1" Vegan Hobble Belt - Restraints/ Cuffs- Brass Hardware

1" Vegan Hobble Belt - Restraints/ Cuffs- Brass Hardware

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100% Vegan hobble belt in 1” width featuring a roller buckle and D-ring.

Traditionally designed to keep livestock from wandering off, hobble belts are an amazing bondage restraint that can be worn anytime as a regular belt and then removed to be used as restraints/ handcuffs/ ankle cuffs.

These belts are hand made and made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

The belt will have an extra 7” larger of adjustment than your waist size, and can be tightened much smaller since these belts have adjustment holes all the way around, so the bigger the belt, the bigger the arms/ wrists/ ankles thighs can be tied up. Anything smaller than 30” may make it hard to use as ankle cuffs depending on ankle size.

If you request a smaller or larger size than the selections allow please select “custom” and include the size you need in the order notes.

***These are made for human use and not rated or designed for use on non-human animals*** They are made from durable synthetic leather textured coated webbing that is made in the USA. Hardware is brass for this selection. 

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